We make better decisions when there are more voices at the table. As a community organizer, Nicole has a proven record of bringing together diverse perspectives to form effective coalitions. As an attorney, she has fought for children who have been discriminated against based on race and disability status. Nicole will continue this work, advocating for all Arkansans, regardless of race, sex, disability status, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, age, or nationality.   


Communities prosper when businesses have the freedom to flourish and the rights of workers are protected. As a resident of one of Arkansas’ most thriving business communities, Nicole will fight to encourage local startups and promote small business growth. She understands the need to balance growth with preservation of what makes our community unique. In addition, she will work towards increasing Arkansas’ minimum wage and easing the burdens on workers in Arkansas.


Elected officials have a moral obligation to protect and preserve the environment for Arkansans today and for our children and grandchildren. Nicole believes in the necessity of science to guide us to responsible solutions that will reduce energy usage and safeguard our state’s air, water, resources, and natural beauty.





women and families

As a mother of two young daughters, Nicole understands the importance of standing up for Arkansas’ families. This means working to ensure that the greatest number of Arkansans have access to affordable healthcare. She will also advocate for measures that will help protect victims of domestic violence, including limiting access to guns for people with a history of domestic abuse.  We know that the burden of family obligations falls disproportionately on women in our state. To help address this, Nicole will fight for: a program of comprehensive sex education and support for single-parent households to help all Arkansas families succeed.


The future of Arkansas depends on a well-funded and comprehensive public education system. That begins with universal Pre-Kindergarten and bolstering our K-12 programs. But as a university professor, Nicole also understands the critical importance of higher education. Arkansas benefits when more Arkansans have access to traditional research universities, as well as community and technical colleges.  She will ardently support our public educators and fight against any measures that threaten the funding of our public schools and universities.